Friday, February 25, 2011

Object Lessons

"If you woke up tomorrow
with only the things that
you thanked God for yesterday,
what would you be left with?"

I know....WOW!

I wish I could say that this thought-provoking question was a Denise original,'s not. I read this as a post on Facebook this week, and it has stuck in my brain all week long.

In fact, I can say that I have been more prone to praying without ceasing this week!

Everytime something pops into my head that I am thankful for, I say a little grateful prayer.

Yes, I am mature enough in my walk with the Lord to know that He wouldn't take all the things away from me that I forgot to thank Him least not overnight. However, yet again, I have to consider this question from the stand point of a parent & child.

Many years ago, I was shopping with one of my children & we happened upon some cute little skirts. We hadn't planned to shop for skirts, but she did need one & the price was right. So, we took several of them into the fitting rooms & tried them on. Well, she had her heart set on one in particular for no other reason than it came with a glittery belt. However, it did NOT look good on her, so I told her no. I did tell her we would get the one that looked adorable on her. She was less than thrilled. We went to the check out line & had to wait for a bit until our turn. During the wait, she was behaving a whole lot LESS than grateful for the purchase I was about to make for her. So much so, that I decided an object lesson was in order. As our turn came, I told the lady that we had decided not to get the skirt after all, and then had my daughter return it to the rack. She was devastated! While it wasn't the one she wanted, she DID want it. She cried & begged...totally changing her story when it was being taken away.

She did not get a skirt that day.

And she remembers that lesson in gratefulness to this day!

I must ask....does God use object lessons with His kids?

From experience, I can say He does.

What if I am pouting because things aren't going the way I felt they should?

What if I grumble & complain about living in a huge double-wide mobile home with a doable payment (which I do NOT...but, for the sake of making a point....) because I had drawn up the plans for the house I wanted & THAT is the ONLY thing I think I'll be happy with!!! What if He gave me everything I thought I needed?? Whew! The house payment, the cleaning, the maintenance...

What if I constantly complained (...I have been guilty of this one...but not 'constantly') about the number of children God chose to BLESS us with?


No, I never dreamed of mothering 8 kids, but I can't imagine NOT mothering them, either! I am truly grateful for the object lessons I learn almost daily from this task God has given me.

What do I need to be grateful for?


I can truly say that I am even grateful for the hard times He has brought us through. We are stronger for it.

Thank you, Lord...

for the sunshine

for birds

for color

for kids

for laughter

for tears

for food

for pain

for teenagers

for our land

for our home

for smells

for giving yourself for us



Your turn....... :)

Monday, February 21, 2011


It hath been said unto me recently (on more than one occasion) that I do not blog enough!


What pressure you people put on me! HA!

Seriously, though, I do enjoy getting on here & yielding to a bit of selfish motor-mouthing. After all, it is MY page about MY, if I wanna gloat about my kids, talk about how great my hubby is, profess my undying love for my AMAZING God...well, I can.

I really don't have too much on my mind, but someone told me that this page is how they keep up with my family, so I will just become wordy about our goings-on.

First, I must say, I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed our *REAL* winter! I have lived all of my life, with the exception of 1 year when I was a child, in Texas...south & east Texas...Gulf Coast, humid mosquito-y TEXAS!!! We rarely have more than 2 seasons here: Warm & So Stinkin' hot you feel like melting. One good thing about it, you're almost always up for some ice cream, no matter what the season. We have had 2 pretty good snows (for us), plus about a week of temps in the 20's & teens. I'm tellin' ya, us Texans froze our tails off!

I think one reason I have so enjoyed the cold is that we have stayed in/home more. For anyone who knew me 15 or so years ago, you know that there was a time when I planned at least one errand per day just to get out of the house. Now, I am hunting down the newest driver in the family & asking her to go for me. Haha!

Hmmmm....a moment to ponder....

WHY have I become such a home-body?


Well, I'm sure that plays a part. I am staring down the

BIG 4-0.

There are aches & pains that I didn't have 5 years ago.


Maybe, but I doubt it. I really don't consider myself lazy. I usually have at least 1, if not half a dozen projects of some sort going on. Although, I have been known to chillax, too.


Probably getting a bit warmer with this one. Fifteen years ago, I only had 1 child with one on the way. It was fun to get Morgan all dolled up, put on a cute maternity outfit that I was so thrilled to be wearing & head out to the mall, or meet a friend for lunch. Now? Not so much. Oh, I do enjoy the occasional outing, but, seriously, with 8 kids...what kind of actual progress can be made? Don't get me wrong, we do go places...even the mall, but if I have an actual goal to complete, I only take the pertinent ones.

Home is where the heart is?

Yes! I love my home! I feel cozy here - sometimes downright crowded! Seriously, though, I love to sit at the table in the mornings with a cup of coffee & stare out at the beautiful land God has given us. The pond has given me many a moments' ponder. It's just so peaceful, and yet, full of life at the same time.

I love to putter around my house. Keeping it clean is next to impossible as long as any person other than myself is awake, but I still try. I have had to really lower the standards that I would like to have with the birth of each new child. Sometimes, I get really frustrated with the clutter, but, all in all, I have realized what is really important.

Over the nearly 19 years of our marriage, I have done a lot of growing up. I have gone from "Queen of the Hamburger Helper" to "Dining Out Diva" to "Grudging-Drudging Cook", and, finally, to "Menu-Making, Meal - Fixing Mama". It has been a process, believe me. Poor Lloyd has really been wonderful as I have finally given up to this necessary chore...with joy, even! I can now say that I enjoy planning & cooking our meals.

I can also say that it is ONLY because I prayed & God took pity on my poor family & clicked that part of my brain on! LOL

Upon re-reading what I have so far, I believe I've digressed. But it's's my blog! LOL I also realize that I'm tired, and I feel like stopping now.

So....I will. :)