Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wonder-Full Wednesday: Privacy

Question:  Privacy?


Ya know, when I was first asked about this topic, I had to really think about this word.  I vaguely have a memory of maaaayyybeee knowing what it meant a long time ago. 

So, with the thought of refreshing my memory, I went to & plugged in this mystery word, double-checking my spelling for accuracy.  Here is what popped up:

pri·va·cy: [prahy-vuh-see]

the state of being free from intrusion or disturbance in one's private life or affairs: the right to privacy.

Wow!  What a concept!!!!

" from disturbance"??? 


People get that??

What I want to know is:  WHO????

Oh, probably people who aren't married, have no roommate, and definitely NO KIDS!

While that probably would be enough to answer this question sufficiently, I feel the need to expostulate ( it up).

Ask any person living in the Young home, & you will get pretty much the same answer from all who can understand the question, "No, there isn't any privacy in our home."

Even the bathroom is rarely private, especially if you don't lock the door.  May I insert here, that I truly believe that, if I were to leave the door open every time I entered the bathroom, I would completely be ignored.  It's the mystery of the closed door that draws them!!  Getting ready for church...door closed...5,000 questions yelled through the door, under the door, around the door....

We encourage our children to be modest *snicker*, well as modest as they can be when sharing a room with several sibs.  As the parents, we follow the same principle...we don't run around in our skivvies, & neither do they.

I do get rather frustrated with the "invasion" of my privacy, but I suppose it is a growing process for all of us.

The last phrase of the dictionary definition really caught my attention: "the right to privacy".  Yes, well, maybe as far as the law goes, but not so much in the family. 

I think the reason that we (myself included) get (yeah, that's it) when someone invades OUR privacy is because we feel we have the RIGHT to have privacy.  And, in large part, I agree.  However, several years ago, I heard a missionary speak about God convicting him about having "rights".  He pointed out that our "rights" can become idols in our heart.  We feel we's our right!!   Is there anything wrong with wanting (or even needing) privacy?  Of course not!  Unless losing it causes us to lose our Christian spirit!  The privacies I am speaking of here are not of the bathroom type or the adult conversation type or the *ahem* "behind closed doors" type. 

I am talking about the kind of privacies we hold close to our heart...we guard because they are....well, OURS! 

You know...I may have to stop blogging because I put myself under conviction reading what I'm writing!!! 


I am nearing the bottom of the questions you guys sent me for Wonder-FULL Wednesday postings.  I know you probably have more questions niggling in the back of your mind about us crazy large family, let me know what they are.  You can do that by either leaving a comment here or by sending me an e-mail to : photographer*at*kidshots*dot*net.

Looking forward to hearing from ya!

Monday, August 29, 2011


Do you ever have a question that rolls around in your head, plaguing you like a pesky fly?

Ya of those questions who's answer is something you really don't want to deal with...supposing you were to answer it honestly.

Ok...well, at this point, you're either with me.....or you're not, but this thought has been bugging me for days, so here goes:

"WHY do I do what I do?"

We have all heard the phrase, "keeping up with the Joneses", but I'm not even sure that's what I'm talking about.

I believe what has been nagging me has to do more with MY motives. The REASON behind the things that I do.

When I shop, do I buy clothing to impress my friends, the world, myself or my husband? How about God? (Basically, I buy what fits & what I don't think will cause myself public humiliation, but you get the point, I'll bet.)

When that AMAZING pair of turquoise heels SCREAMS, "Buy ME!!!" Why would I buy them? Because I NEED turquoise shoes (actually.....)? Because I can't wait for my teenagers to steal them from me, therefore I'm really buying them a gift? Because I want to be flashy? Because they are "hot" (BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA)?

While this may be a pretty good example of what I'm talking about, my thoughts are running a bit deeper.

Inner motivation. My secret thoughts. The ones I may not even realize I'm having until it's too late, then I have to unravel a whole nest of icky stuff.

I knew a lady once that had a bunch of kids (more than me, but not as many as the Duggars). When I first met her, I think I had 3 children, so I was VERY impressed by the number she rattled off to me. When I asked their ages, she spat them out with complete accuracy & not a little bit of pride. I was impressed (still am...I have to think about it everytime). We quickly discovered that she lived very close to me & we made plans to do things together as we had several common interests. As I began going to her home, I began to see that her whole identity was wrapped up in the number of children she had (she added 2 more during the course of our acquaintance). That number brought shock, amazement & even awe when she spoke it. Unfortunately, having babies doesn't actually make you a good parent. While she wasn't horrible, there was discord in the home, the children were unhappy & unruly. She was totally wrapped up in her newest baby, & the older ones were kind of pushed aside. Sad, really. What was even worse is that I heard later that she & her husband divorced.

I know I probably just painted the exact picture that people who look down their noses at large families expect to see, but I can assure you that we are not ALL like that. In fact, I know quite a few larger families, and she is very much in the minority where that type of behavior is concerned.

The point I am making is that the WHY behind having so many children for her was not necessarily because she felt a need to have them as much as it was her identity...she impressed people when she told them how large her family was. She received her self-worth through the appearance of her family.

Now, I can honestly say that I have not had this particular issue, but I cannot say that I have not chosen to do things because I knew it would impress others.

C'mon...who can say that?

We all have pride. (nasty stuff!)

We all like to appear wonderful to others.

I sew. I sew pretty good. I like compliments. I sew cute stuff & put it on my cute kids & like the compliments it brings. that wrong?

Yes & no.

If I dressed them like fashion plates might be a problem (if you were here today, you would know THAT isn't the case! lol). Buuuuutttttttt, there might be an issue if there is some competition going on to have the cutest, best dressed kiddo around. I'll think on that.

This thought can go into every single area of our lives, and it is natural to want to please self & others. However, our main concern should be pleasing our Lord. I don't think He has a problem with me making cute clothes for my kids, or having a well-organized home (HA), or driving a nice car, or being a pretty good cook, or even having a rockin' house full of kids. As long as my focus still remains on Him & His will for me, and I am able to keep all of the little extras in perspective...then I'm ok....I think.

I once knew a lady that felt that she had to run EVERY. LITTLE. DETAIL. of her life by God first.

McDonald's or Arby's?

Peanut Butter or Cheese?

Blue or Black?

You think I'm kidding. I'm so not kidding.

Maybe she was closer to Him than I am...maybe He told her that Macky D's fries were da bomb & she should never stray from them...I don't know. But, my inclination is that He gave us a pretty good mind & instructions to pray without ceasing & to be near to Him morning, noon & night. In other words, LIVE IN HIM. If we do that, then there will be no room for prideful motives. The WHY behind our actions will only be:

>>>>Because it will please my Lord.<<<<

I have so much work to do.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wonder-FULL Wednesday: Privacy & Romance

This week's question involves two areas: Privacy & Romance.

We have pretty much none of of one & just what is needed of the other...I'll let you decide which is which :o).

Me & my BFF/Hubby/Partner for Life!!

I think I will tackle the romance question first.

QUESTION: Is it possible to have a romance AND have a houseful of kiddos???

ANSWER: Of course!!

As with pretty much anything else, you make the time for what you see as important! Your relationship with your spouse is:



Hands down.

Bar none.

I know, I's awful tempting to say that tending your relationship with your children is the most important thing. It IS important...but it's in 2nd place!

Consider this: When all the kids are grown & move out (as we all pray they will do someday), you will still have your spouse to live with! Even though we will be **COUGH, COUGH**

-->54 & 62 <--

when our youngest graduates high school....we will still have PLENTY of good years left together really, we will!!!

If your relationship with your spouse has been on the back burner til Junior & Suzy Q leave home...what will life be like?

I can honestly say that my hubby is my absolute BEST FRIEND in the whole-WIDE WORLD!!

Now, as for romance....

What do you consider romance to be?

Is it Hollywood's version? If that's the case, then you may have some difficulties fitting in that type of activity as often as they portray it to be necessary to be happy AND still have well-adjusted kids! Just sayin'.......

Again, I recommend reading The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. This book will change how you think about love & how to show it to those you care about. When you know what speaks love to your spouse, you may look at 'romance' in a completely different way.

For me, I feel loved when someone does an Act of Service for me. Ya know, does something for me that I see as important, even if they don't necessarily see the need.

My second love language is Quality Time, and this past weekend, my sweet husband filled my love tank full by whisking me off for 3 days sans kiddos!!! Oh. My. Goodness!!! I NEEDED that time! So badly! (watch for a post about the trip :)

So, right now, I feel very loved....

Yes, the Hollywood Romance is necessary, but it's not the only option available for the harried parents. Maybe just a cup of coffee & conversation-just the two of you-on a weekend morning before the house starts humming is all you can muster.

Leaving a little note for your spouse letting them know you're lovin' them...

A special code for I LOVE YOU sent as a text message.

Romance is very doable, you may just have to change what you think the definition of romance is.

I know this may not be an option if you have really small kids & no dependable sitters, but we also have 'date night'. We have been parents for 17 years, and have only started doing this in the last year! Previously, we just didn't have anyone we could call on any kind of a regular basis. About once a year, we could manage a day or so or maybe even as much as a week out of town thanks to others' generosity, but nothing regular.

When we first started thinking about a regular date, we started with a quick hamburger on a bright, sunny afternoon with the cell phone right at our fingertips.

When we felt ready to move to a night date...we made sure our two oldest were well trained! We sent them to the American Red Cross for "Babysitter Training". They are now both card-carrying babysitters complete with first aid & CPR training! Whew! That really took a load off. (oh, and the fact that Nana & Papa & our good friends were right next door in case of emergency helped too)

Now, we regularly head out for a night of dinner & coffee or Barnes & Noble or shopping....or whatever! Sometimes we just stop by the RedBox machine & pick something cheesy out & watch it on the computer in Lloyd's office! ---Remember, it's about being together---

Yes, we usually have a nice dinner, but I would truly be happy with Whataburger & a $1 movie rental! Oh...and an ice cream cone :)

I remember when my oldest was 9 or 10 & the youngest was 1, I was desperate for some exclusive time with my husband. I counseled with some of my friends who had older children, and their answers were the same...and it just irritated the snot out of me!!

"Before you know it, things will be different & you will have more freedom"

Yes, well, true as that may have been....I needed help NOW!!!!

So....I won't say that.

What I will say is: think about your babysitter options. PRAY about your babysitter options...God gave YOU the responsibility for those wonderful kids, don't just trust them to anybody in order to get out of the house for a few hours! If you find that you don't have any babysitter options....then get creative with your dates.

Put the kids to bed early (don't let 'em nap ) & have him pick up Olive Garden. Light candles. Put on music. ---idea stolen from a creative Mommy friend---

The options are limitless!

This idea is from a blog called Find Joy In the Journey

She had an amazing idea to pre-plan & pre-pay a year's worth of dates for her & her hubby!

What an awesome idea!! She also has some links to other places where she found ideas. I cannot vouch for them, but take a look.

Ok...well, I was a bit more long-winded than I thought I would be on this subject, so I will save "Privacy" till next week...

Let me know some creative ways you've added romance to your marriage (G-rated, kids sometimes read this ;o)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wonder-FULL Wednesday: Giving Attentions

Hello! It's Wednesday again, and I have been thinking all week about what to write for today's blog. I would like to say that I was uber-efficient & began typing all of this out so that you who eagerly await my postings (you know who you are....even if I don't! LOL), can have it with your Wednesday morning coffee. However, the reality is: it's 10:00 P.M. on Wednesday night, and I just sat down. sorry.....

Anyway, I am enjoying sharing with you guys, but I'm needing more questions to answer, so don't be shy! :)

Tonight, I will be discussing some of the more personal aspects of our parenting.


How do you give each child attention, & do some require more than others?


As each one of our kiddos were born, a bit of shifting occurred in our family dynamics. In many ways, the newest one required the lion's share of our attention due to the frailty of a newborn/infant. It has always been important to us to make sure that no one was lost in the shuffle. *Even teens can feel displaced by a new baby*

If you will watch your children carefully...keep your finger on their emotional pulse, so to speak, you will begin to see signs that they are giving you to let you know what they need from you. Just as an infant will cry when needing care, an older child has their own signs. It may be disruptive behavior from an otherwise calm child. Maybe your lil man is just a wild indian. How about clingy-ness or whining. These can all be telltale signs of a need.

***My boys all need special time with their dad...time to rough house & wrestle & be loud....all things that put my nerves on edge, but in 11 years of having boys...well, I can tell that some dad time is needed. So, I head out & let 'em at it! They are all better when I get home!***

Dad coaches #1 son in basketball-

a great bonding time for them both!

We are blessed with teens who talk. They share their hearts with us...what a blessing! When they stop talking...we start really what they AREN'T saying....which is: I need some special time. Frequently, my bigger girls & I will go out to dinner & some shoe shopping or such. Just some girl-time. We all enjoy it quite a bit. We are silly, & giggle, & make fun of the waiter...Oh, Yeah! Great times :D

They also go on dates with Dad. Which-truth be told- is a bit awkward for them both. He is a real softy, & sometimes forgets his little girls are beautiful young ladies...they feel that, & have such a need for his approval...When they get home, a bit more ground has been covered & a new bond forged. It's a beautiful thing.

Dad & Beautiful Daughter #1 on a date for

her 17th birthday. I believe they had Japanese food & went bowling!

Sometimes, I have errands to run...nothing major, just stuff. If I haven't spent time with one of the kiddos in a while, I take them. We may eat lunch at a place of their choosing, we might get a little goody, but the main focus is on them. We hold hands, laugh & have a great time. This even applies to a quick run to the store for milk. One on one time does NOT have to be a big deal, just make the child feel like a big deal, & it will do the trick!

***One thing that we have done for years is have dad take one of the kiddos to work week in Kentucky at the Camp Ground. The first time he did this, daughter #1 was a mere 3 years old! GAH!!! I worried the whole week! He definitely didn't do things the way I would have, she looked like an orphan the whole time, got scrapes & bruises from doing dangerous things....and...she had a blast!!! Since then, he has made the time in his schedule to take the kids. They have gone spelunking in caves, visited Fort Knox, & have eaten all kinds of junk mom wouldn't allow! The are all kinds of benefits to this time together for both the child & Dad! Try it!!!***

As for whether or not some kiddos need more attention than others...the answer is YES!! But that doesn't mean that the others will not benefit from attention.

I have never really had a "clingy" child (thank ya JESUS), but they all seem to go through stages of needing more attention than usual. I highly recommend two books that have been beneficial in determining the needs of our children.

The first is "The 5 Love Languages of Children" by Gary Chapman.

This book will change the way you deal with everyone you know! When you understand what makes them feel your love, then you can always make sure their needs are met!

The second book is by Kevin Leman & is called, "The Birth Order Book".

I truly used to believe that theories on birth order were a bunch of bunk....until I had multiple kiddos! I have not one, but two middle children!!! A girl & a boy...and they BOTH exhibit middle kid personalities! Knowing what makes them tick really helps me to read their moods. Honestly, they are the ones who are tricky. They don't say much, but kind of get pushed to the back...creating feelings of displacement within the family. When they begin to act reclusive, THAT is when some one on one time with a parent or some other special treat is NECESSARY!

As parents, I believe that continuing education is needed. The "What to Expect..." series was amazingly helpful when I was pregnant & had infants...but didn't give me anything on how to deal with a pouty 8 year old middle child. So, it became my responsibility to find the information I needed to help me with my situation.

Hopefully, reading this blog will be of some assistance to you in your role of parenting!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

What to do....

I confess, I needed some quiet time tonight, so I sent the fam to church minus mom...I hope God understands. <Sorry, Sir>

As I sit here in my totally quiet house (with no worries about WHY it is quiet or guilt because it is 1 a.m. & I am STILL up), I hear...the refrigerator humming....the clock ticking....a dog's bark. Some people need alcohol or a massage to relax. Not me. I need good ol' peace & quiet.

When the peeps headed out the door, I immediately began pondering what to do with my QT *quiet time*. Of course, my first thought was to clean up this house!!! Then, I thought,

"Why? I can do THAT when it's noisy!"

.....although, it has absolutely NO staying power whatsoever, so why bother?

Then, I thought of that new school year chore/responsibility list I need to work on. *YAWN* BOOOOOOORINNNNGGGGG!

How about some sewing?
hmmmmm....interesting...maybe so.

First things I sent my family out the door without dinner.


Well, they did eat a late lunch....

Any-who...I was hungry so I went to the fridge.

Hmmm....what's in the takeout container? Ewwww...soggy nachos from 2 days ago (WHY did we even bother???). Better chunk that.

Well, look at those moldy green the chickens.

Those leftovers have been in here more than a the chickens.

Now....look at all these dishes on the counter that I've just emptied out....better put them into the dishwasher.

Oh! These dishes are clean.

Better empty the dishwasher.

Now, re-load.

Messy counters....wipey, wipey, wipey.

Now, what did I come in here for?

Oh, yes, food.

Uh....not much in here. Guess I'll have a Lean Pocket. That sounds good...really, it does!

So, two & a half minutes later, my gourmet-pamper-myself-silly-meal was scorching hot; the tab on my Diet DP was popped, the laptop was warmed up & I was ready to go!!

For the last hour & fifteen minutes, I have....totally wasted time. Oh! Don't get me wrong...I've enjoyed EVERY single, cotton-pickin' minute of it.

But, every now and then....when I'm waiting for the newest page to load up...I look around.

Why are there little men on the floor in the kitchen?

A Lego by the fridge? Really?

A quilt in the hallway (I vaguely remember a fabric fort in the recent past).

The lid to a plastic tote by the front door (ummmm....couldn't even venture a guess).

A Hot Wheel car just pierced the bottom of my foot as I adjusted in my chair.

Ya know, it is becoming more & more difficult to keep my fannie in this chair!

Should I be aggrivated because I cannot allow myself to chillax guilt-free & not worry about the things that drive me nutso?


Should I be proud of myself for being aggrivated about the things that need to be done & I am just sitting here typing away in cyber la-la land?

No worries...I won't toss & turn all night weighing the pros & cons of these two points.

It is what it is.

Maybe that is something I have learned so far in life:

"Relax...the clutter will still be there when you finally get around to it. Have no one will beat you to it!!!"

It's the best of both worlds!!!

I can relax AND still have all the work I could ever dream of!!!!!

Yay me!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wonder-FULL Wednesday: Laundry


So, some of you have a few questions...and some of you have TONS!! LOL

I understand, and am glad to answer what I can. Please know this, though , I do not in any way consider myself an expert at much of anything. With that said, I have almost 18 years of trial & error to look back on, & if I can help anyone else, I would be thrilled!

Now, for a little Q & A (as this is a lengthy topic, I will only do this one today--that way there will be something to talk about next week!):

Q: How many loads of laundry do you do & how often?

Some of my best friends!!

A: Ahhhh...laundry......yes, we have our own fabric mountain range around here! I do have a system that works for me, although, it is about to be adjusted somewhat.

What we have done for the past several years is to allot certain days to certain people's/types of clothing. Here's how it looks right now:

Monday: Towels & Linens

This has worked for me because I believe that when you dry off, you are clean, therefore the towel may be re-used for up to a week. We have lot's of wash cloths :D

Yes, a 2 year old can be a great helper!!

Tuesday: Mine & the Hubby's personal stash

We have our own laundry basket in our bathroom, but about 75% of the time, the small kids end up bathing in our bathroom, so about that much of what is in the basket belongs to smallish peeps.

Wednesday: All of the kiddo's clothing

This is the major dawn til dusk laundry day!!! I chose Wednesday for this chore because I rarely ever plan any events for this day because it is our church night. I usually start either jeans or whites before I go to bed on Tuesday, and may even get them in the dryer & start another load. When I get up, straight to the laundry room I go! When the machines beep...I come running! I am at their beck & call on Wednesday!!

BTW: currently, all of the kiddos pre-sort (BAHAHAHAHA!) their own laundry into 3 baskets:




Searching for....who knows what? LOL This was before we decided to stack our machines & make a much-needed broom/supply closet.

I helped them learn by tying ribbon to the basket handles that coordinated with the colors that are supposed to be in it. Now, please, don't mis-read here....I still sort...but the lion's share of the work is pretty much done. I do find socks in with the red t-shirts or someone's dark purple sweater with the skivvies...but, hey...they're learning.


Clothing that has NOT been turned right-side-out!!

I refuse to turn it. I have been known to hang it up with it being 1/2 in & 1/2 out (this only applies to those who know better...myself included :D)

Thursday: Finish up the kid's stuff, iron & put away

If, for some reason, I don't get it all done on Wednesday, then I finish asap. I refuse to iron as we need to wear something, so it is ironed BEFORE it is ever put away. This has proven to be a great frustration preventer! Most of the kiddos put their own stuff away (I try NOT to worry about the condition of the dresser drawers---choose your battles). The littlest ones have "buddies" that put their stuff away for them.

Over the years, I have also taught the older ones to iron their own clothing & have required it to be done on Thursday as well.

Friday: (during the school year) Uniforms are all washed, dried, ironed & put away

The kiddos get out of school at noon on Fridays (I just love that!), and the first thing they are to do is change & drop their uniforms in the washer. Either I or one of the older girls get it going. Usually, by the time naps are over, they are all ready for the next week. hope not.

With the beginning of each new school year comes a new chore/responsibility list (the kids just L.O.V.E that!! lol). I usually make quite a few changes in response to several things:

*Boredom with current jobs

*Mastery of current job (INCLUDING mastering their attitude!)


*Mixing it up a bit

Some changes that will occur this year in the area of laundry is that my oldest two girls will now be responsible for their own laundry. I am restructuring my days & then will give them the choice of the day they want to do their laundry from what remains.

About 8 years ago, my hubby bought me the Whirpool Duet washer & dryer set.




Seriously! I counted the other day & I put 17 pairs of jeans in the washer! Granted they were sized 12, 7, & 6, but that's still a lot of jeans, wouldn't you say? This washer/dryer has saved me countless numbers of hours doing laundry & I would buy it again in a fact, I've pondered owning 2 sets. As the kiddos get bigger, so does their clothing! HA!

Larger sizes = More loads of laundry


Keep the questions coming! This is fun!

You may either post your question(s) in the comments or e-mail me at:

photographer (at) kidshots (dot) net

See ya next week! ;-)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wonder-FULL Wednesday: The Basics

So, today, as I was doing one of the many things I do many times a day, one of my girls asked,

"I wonder how many pizzas the Duggar family has to order for pizza night."

I thought about it for a minute, & then figured they would order 6 or 7, probably. As I continued about my business, I began thinking about large families & how, in today's world, they are an oddity. Although the Duggars are UBER-large, we are considered large in our own right. However, where the Duggars have been very public about their lives, we are not, unless asked.

Which we are.

A. Lot.

For instance, last night, I took the kiddos to grab a bite to eat at a place that was cooler than home, and the waitress asked, "Are you the mom?" To which I replied, "No, the red-head is". ROFLOL

No, I didn't (but I did chuckle while writing that).

I actually said, "Yes." (duh)

She then began asking some of the same questions we hear sometimes daily.

If you know me personally, you probably know that I am not a forward person. Hopefully, I am not unfriendly, I just don't usually put myself out there, if you know what I mean. My hubby & pretty much ALL of my kids are forward enough for the entire family! LOL

One thing I have had to deal with, emotionally, as my family has grown in number, has been the amount of attention we draw when we go out & about. I don't enjoy being in the spotlight. I don't like to feel scrutinized. As I have mentioned before, I have perfectionist (read: pride) issues, so if the kids don't look, act, behave just right, I become somewhat panicky.

I's a personal problem.

The really funny thing is: when the kiddos are really acting up (in my book), is when someone will compliment us on our well-behaved kids! HA!! I think that may be God's way of telling me to lighten up sometimes.

Having said all of that, it occurs to me that there may possibly be someone out there in blog-land that has a question or curiosity about something pertaining to large families. I am, by no means, saying that I have ALL the answers, but I AM willing to answer according to what we do or how we work, and, if necessary will point you in the direction of the source of my I usually do NOT have original ideas!

So, I have come up with a few tidbits of information that you may *or may not* find interesting about our life...

The Basics

We have 8 children, 5 girls & 3 boys.

Ages: 17, 15, 11, 8, 6, 5, 3, & 2

I spend between $400 & $500 every two weeks or so at Wal*Mart, & 98% of that purchase is food.

I spend $120 or so every month with a company called Melaleuca for all of our cleaning & personal care products. This company has safe, highly concentrated products which last me a long time.

We enjoy eating out, but that is pretty much our main form of entertainment.

Our bill is usually between $30 & $35 at a place like McDonald's.

We love Mexican food, & frequently go for fajitas, which costs us about $60.

*we tend to choose our restaurants based on ease of getting a table for 10...

having "call-ahead seating" is a great plus!!!*

Our home has 5 bedrooms & 3 baths.

The 3 oldest girls share a room which has one twin & one set of bunks in it.

The 2 youngest girls share the smallest room.

All the boys share & have 2 sets of bunks, although we have removed the lower bed from one of the bunks & put dressers under that bed to save space.

I have to share a room, too.

The 5th room is kind of an all-purpose room. It has our rather extensive library,the family computer, and ALL of my sewing machines/supplies in it.

We won't talk about closets :/

I do not currently homeschool, although I did for 8 years. We have access to a wonderful private school where 6 (SIX!!!) of our kiddos attend. This year, we will have 3 graduates! One from High School & 2 from Kindergarten!!! :D

This may be enough for now. I cannot anticipate what things

others may be curious about as this is just our normal life & therefore

hard to see as unusual. (ok, maybe a little bit)

I would like to begin having a post on this topic every Wednesday...maybe calling it "Wonder-FULL Wednesday" or something cheesy like that. So, I would like to hear from you! You can ask me pretty much anything, and I'll probably answer it, too! Please sign your question with your name & an alias you'd like me to use when responding on my blog. I look forward to hearing from you guys!

You may contact me at:

photographer (at) kidshots (dot) net

Monday, August 1, 2011

It's a GREAT Life!!!!!

Last week held some pretty good days! My girlies were finally home from their travels in parts north. I really enjoy having them around, they are fun (oh, and they can run to the store for me, too :).

I got some (ok, lots) sewing done.

Sewing = joy :)

I am working on tote bags. I have a thing for bags. I look at them anytime I see them in the stores. I wonder why? They are fun for me, and I can't quite put my finger on the why of it. So, I have acquired a great pattern, mixed up some adorable fabric combos, dug out the embroidery machine to personalize them...put a sweet price-tag on them...and am selling 'em like hotcakes! :) I am shooting for some dining room chairs. Three years of white plastic folding chairs in lieu of wood is long-enough, dontcha think??

Anyway, if you want one....let me know! I can make them with lotsa pockets, pencil pockets, cell phone pockets, money pockets, bottle name it....

One other project I completed this week ('cause I kinda had to) was a ~man~ tie & vest for B-man to wear in a wedding. He was the ring bearer, and he ROCKED it! I told him he would, and he agreed...his wording was, "Duh, mom, it is called the ring BEAR!" Hahaha...Bear is a nickname we frequently use for him. He took his job VERY seriously, too.

I also took my Dad out to lunch for his birthday. His choice: Indian food.


It was HIS birthday, after all. So, we had, chicken-something, veggie rice whatchamacalit with some yogurt sauce of some sort...and DIET COKE which really brought it all together nicely. :) I have now had Indian food. Mark it off the list of things to do before I where on my list did I put that exactly? Hmmmm....better pencil it in & mark it off!

Seriously, though, I don't really spend much time with my dad one on one, so at least once a year, I take him out. When I started doing this several years it was actually kinda awkward, and that was just WRONG! He IS my dad, after all, it should not be hard to talk to him. In all fairness, he isn't really the *chatty* sort. However, we have found our nitch. We have some common interests, and I have found in him a place to go for info on all things botanical. If he doesn't know the answer...he just fakes it! LOL!!

After our lunch, we went to a mutual fave....Barnes & Noble. We both love to read, and WHO can afford those books? We sit & thumb through books that we probably will never own. It's great!

This last week held another special date: Sam. I took my oldest boy out on the town. First stop, the library...then fajitas...then ice cream. Could a date get any better??? I don't think so, either!

I could keep boring you with the details of my life, but let me sum it all up with:


Thanks for stopping by & humoring me in my ramblings :0)