Monday, February 21, 2011


It hath been said unto me recently (on more than one occasion) that I do not blog enough!


What pressure you people put on me! HA!

Seriously, though, I do enjoy getting on here & yielding to a bit of selfish motor-mouthing. After all, it is MY page about MY, if I wanna gloat about my kids, talk about how great my hubby is, profess my undying love for my AMAZING God...well, I can.

I really don't have too much on my mind, but someone told me that this page is how they keep up with my family, so I will just become wordy about our goings-on.

First, I must say, I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed our *REAL* winter! I have lived all of my life, with the exception of 1 year when I was a child, in Texas...south & east Texas...Gulf Coast, humid mosquito-y TEXAS!!! We rarely have more than 2 seasons here: Warm & So Stinkin' hot you feel like melting. One good thing about it, you're almost always up for some ice cream, no matter what the season. We have had 2 pretty good snows (for us), plus about a week of temps in the 20's & teens. I'm tellin' ya, us Texans froze our tails off!

I think one reason I have so enjoyed the cold is that we have stayed in/home more. For anyone who knew me 15 or so years ago, you know that there was a time when I planned at least one errand per day just to get out of the house. Now, I am hunting down the newest driver in the family & asking her to go for me. Haha!

Hmmmm....a moment to ponder....

WHY have I become such a home-body?


Well, I'm sure that plays a part. I am staring down the

BIG 4-0.

There are aches & pains that I didn't have 5 years ago.


Maybe, but I doubt it. I really don't consider myself lazy. I usually have at least 1, if not half a dozen projects of some sort going on. Although, I have been known to chillax, too.


Probably getting a bit warmer with this one. Fifteen years ago, I only had 1 child with one on the way. It was fun to get Morgan all dolled up, put on a cute maternity outfit that I was so thrilled to be wearing & head out to the mall, or meet a friend for lunch. Now? Not so much. Oh, I do enjoy the occasional outing, but, seriously, with 8 kids...what kind of actual progress can be made? Don't get me wrong, we do go places...even the mall, but if I have an actual goal to complete, I only take the pertinent ones.

Home is where the heart is?

Yes! I love my home! I feel cozy here - sometimes downright crowded! Seriously, though, I love to sit at the table in the mornings with a cup of coffee & stare out at the beautiful land God has given us. The pond has given me many a moments' ponder. It's just so peaceful, and yet, full of life at the same time.

I love to putter around my house. Keeping it clean is next to impossible as long as any person other than myself is awake, but I still try. I have had to really lower the standards that I would like to have with the birth of each new child. Sometimes, I get really frustrated with the clutter, but, all in all, I have realized what is really important.

Over the nearly 19 years of our marriage, I have done a lot of growing up. I have gone from "Queen of the Hamburger Helper" to "Dining Out Diva" to "Grudging-Drudging Cook", and, finally, to "Menu-Making, Meal - Fixing Mama". It has been a process, believe me. Poor Lloyd has really been wonderful as I have finally given up to this necessary chore...with joy, even! I can now say that I enjoy planning & cooking our meals.

I can also say that it is ONLY because I prayed & God took pity on my poor family & clicked that part of my brain on! LOL

Upon re-reading what I have so far, I believe I've digressed. But it's's my blog! LOL I also realize that I'm tired, and I feel like stopping now.

So....I will. :)


  1. Thank you!!! I so enjoyed reading every bit of your blog!! It was uplifting, inspirational, and very refreshing! :D

  2.! Love it! :D

  3. I enjoyed reading your post today, finally one of my blogger friends come back to life! ha! I'm the same way, though, stay encouraged we have children to raise, your a great example! Keep up the good work! Love from a far away state.