Thursday, March 31, 2011

Celebrations & Busy-ness

It seems that, when I finally sit down to blog...all of the ideas just start to flow. I get to thinking about all that has been going on in my head (I leave out the scary stuff), and, amazingly, find the time to post. This has been an eventful past 2 weeks. We have celebrated birthdays like crazy! Believe it or not, March is the onliest month that we have had 2 kids in, & they are the first & the last ones ;). On the 19th, our sweet Anna turned two years old. When I think back over the turmoil & distress finding out she was on the way caused, I kinda wonder what the big deal was. hee hee. Well, not too much. I had just come through 2 difficult pregnancies, and I wasn't thrilled with having 2 babies only 10 1/2 months apart. But, as is the norm with God, He knew what I needed. And I needed Anna! Ooooh, she is just so.........*insert light & sweet adjective of your choice here*...........yeah, she is. And then there's the hair. Umm-hmmm...I love it. I do. I might even have hair envy. Maybe. She is a stinker *a small one*. And we could very easily fall into the trap of spoiling the "baby" of the family, but we won't.
I want to LIKE her forever! :)

Here are a few photos of her in the back yard of a wonderfully sweet customer of Lloyd's who was gracious enough to allow us to use it. I think they are, well, amazing, but I may be partial...I don't know.

A mere 5 days after Anna's birthday, comes Morgan's. We really wanted to have them on the same day, but my body wouldn't hold out. Oh, well.

I still find it hard to believe that my first baby is now a woman. It just doesn't seem like it's been that long. I have enjoyed every minute of being a mom for the last 17 years *ok, well at least 90% of the minutes!*

I'm not sure, but I may look at my children differently than most people. I don't grieve at them growing older, I celebrate with them truly. I am excited for them as I watch them reach new milestones in their lives. I remember the excitement that came with each one, and I am thrilled to share it with them. Maybe this is because I still have so many little ones at home...

At any rate, I am P*R*O*U*D of Morgan Claire! She is just so...*insert amazing & stupendous adjectives of your choice here*... I couldn't be more pleased with the firstborn God chose to bless us with.

Here is a recent photo of her...I mean, really...yeah, I know!

The final birthday I helped to celebrate was my wonderful friend Annette's. Now, she lives about 4 hours from me -- waaaaaay down south of Houston. *sigh* It was SUCH a trial to find a sitter for the kids, rent a snazzy little red car (with room for only 4!), drive allll the way down there listening to *grown-up* audio books to help pass the time, stay in a hotel allll by myself, eat wherever I wanted to....just for Annette. But, I'm a charitable sort. I just drug myself down there & did my friendly duty ;o)

Seriously, her hubby, whom I am nominating for 1st runner-up for best hubby of the year -- right after Lloyd, of course, called & asked if I could come down & treat her to a day out with NO kids for her birthday...his treat.

I said, "DUH! I'm there!"

We really had such a great, relaxing time. Maybe too much, though, we probably embarrassed ourselves before it was all over. hee hee. I felt so privileged to be able to spend her birthday with her & to be given as a gift. It was pretty cool.

Here are a few photos from our day.

Don't judge, we don't get out much! :)

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