Thursday, July 8, 2010

More Summertime Musings

My Sweet Lil' Girls on the 4th of July
Our Holiday Weekend

To say that we have been crazy busy would, in fact, be a gross understatement! I do believe that this has been the busiest summer we have ever had. I am beginning to see some relaxation on the horizon, though. WHEW!

Our wonderful friends came for only 1 night last week, but we so enjoyed their company, we followed them to Houston to celebrate the 4th of July! We really had a great time visiting with friends & family that we haven't seen in a while. We went to church, ate, went to church, ate, played @ the church, was everywhere!

Sometimes, going back where you came from gives you such a clear view of what God has done in your life. We both grew up in Houston, and never really had any plans to leave there. However, one day, we decided to move, and we have NEVER regretted it. We love our life here in the country!

Number 7&8 in the field behind our home

Book Recommendations & Reviews Page

I am an avid reader, and I have a stack of books & a mental list of other titles that I want to read at all times. I will admit to really liking a good love story as much as anything else, but, I do try to put other more, shall we say, intellegent information into my head as well. :)
One of the best gifts I have ever received is my Kindle. A Kindle is an electronic library of sorts. It utilizes e-books & I can download any of thousands of books in about 30 seconds from Plus, with free samples of each book, I can try new stuff that I might not have ever tried before. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.
Anyway, I have a friend who posts books that her family is reading on her blog, and I have found this to be a great way to hear about new stuff. So, I would like to share with my plethora of readers (LOL) the books that have moved me in some way or another. I hope this will be a helpful feature of my blog. Please, if you try one that I suggest or if you have already read it, put a comment!

Thoughts & Other Stuff

I have truly been feeling overwhelmed recently with gratitude towards my wonderful God! He has made Himself so real to me & my family that I just find myself tearing up while driving down the road.

Why would He choose us?

I was introduced to the idea recently (through reading) that we are physically incapable of understanding God's thinking. For us, we just have to have the faith that He DOES love us. Sometimes, it is hard to believe that, especially when things, seemingly, aren't going our way.
We have been going through something with one of our kiddos in trying to help them rise to the challenges of responsibility. Unfortunately, this hasn't been going too smoothly for them. As adults, we know firsthand the sorrows that will come from not being diligent in your labors, or what slothfulness can do to your reputation. A child has no knowledge of this,and, as a result has real difficulty believing their parent's words in this regard. So, as good parents, we have talked 'til we are blue in the face. Laying it all out, complete with drawings & diagrams.
Cause & effect.
If, then.
Finally, something drastic needed to happen-a 2x4 to the head, so to speak. I tell you, as a mom, I just hate, Hate, HATE to do this to my children! Why can't they JUST BELIEVE my words?

Why can't they just HAVE FAITH??



sounds familiar.

God is the best parent ever, so, of course He would have the same types of thoughts regarding His kids (i.e. me & you). Why, oh why, does He love me even when the 2x4 up side my head doesn't work? Why is He so patient with me? Why are we so lovingly patient with our kids?


I just love God, don't you? :)

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