Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Final Summertime Musings

Things That Made Me Happy This Summer...
...Staying up late, and sleeping a bit later
...friends & family coming to see us
...Sunday morning swims
...date nights!
...losing 13+ pounds!!!
...developing closer relationships with my kids
...getting rid of 5 out of 6 puppies!!! :D
...learning to trust God even when it doesn't make sense
...me & my hubby sitting in our chairs into the wee hours, reading
& still feeling connected!
This summer has truly been a whirlwind-crazy time! I cannot recall ever having such a packed schedule. I am hoping that it isn't a preview of the rest of my summers!

I will admit to truly enjoying staying up late & fiddling around on my computer or reading a good book (of which I've probably read upwards of 10 since summer began). By nature, I am not a night owl, nor am I one to "sleep in" (just ask my kiddos). I truly enjoy the early morning hours. However, at night, when the house is so quiet, and I know that I have accomplished my self-imposed goals for the day, I so enjoy sitting with my feet propped up & talking with my honey or doing some "mindless" something. While I do enjoy the morning, I cannot sit & enjoy something for myself as my mind is already whirring about what all I need to do during that day.

As our summer winds down, our thoughts are turning towards the new school year which starts in only 7 days! My kids are all ready for the change (except my #1 child, I think). For the most part, they all enjoy learning & school. My oldest will be a junior in high school, and my 2 little guys will both be starting pre-school. We will have 6 in school this year! I am not going to know how to behave myself with only 2 at home! :o)

During the course of this summer, we have had a couple of milestones. Our oldest daughter got her first "real" job & has really impressed us with her determination. It has been a great experience for her in dealing with an employer & even handling sticky situations. Another important step she took this summer was finally getting her driver's license! GAH!!!!

Seriously, I was so very proud of her! She passed on her first try! I will admit to being very glad that she will now be able to take them all to school (yay!), but, the first time she pulled out of the driveway to take herself to work...hmmm...I don't even know how to describe how I felt. Proud? Sad? Excited? All of these, I think. I am SO enjoying watching my kids reach each different step & accomplishing new things in their lives. I remember how it felt to inch that much closer to adult-hood. I am excited for them, truly, I am. I don't feel any remorse for myself...maybe that will change as we get further down the line of kids...more towards the end. I don't know.

We've also had music in the house this summer! Daughter #2 has resumed her piano lessons, and we are all enjoying the fruits of her labor! She really has a talent. I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for her.

Swimming also plays a big part in our summertime. Because we have a 4 acre pond, we feel that it is necessary for all of the children to have swim lessons- NOT a cheap endeavor!!! This year, we h4 in lessons...took a bit to get it paid for, but it's all good. Son #1 graduated-he's officially a fish in the water. Daughter #3 is fearless & can do anything...I think one more year & she's done, too. The 2 little guys both started this year & had a blast! I love investing in my kids :)!

Another goal that we reached this summer was potty-training the 2 year-old! First I must advertise...I HIGHLY recommend this site: www.3daypottytraining.com . It works! I have NEVER been able to get ANY of my kids potty trained before age 3. However, she recommends starting at about 22 months, so I thought, "I'll give this a try." I was skeptical. How could this work? I mean, really! Several of my friends had done it & I was paying attention. So, I set the days, got ready, and we started. That was the longest 3 days of the whole summer! I literally camped out with #7 in the bathroom for 3 days.
We had toys, books, chairs...but, by Wednesday, she was telling me she needed to go & has been doing so ever since (about 3 weeks, now). I will not lie, we've had a handful (or panty-full) of accidents, but not consistantly. The 2 she had overnight were because the baby monitor was turned off & I didn't hear her call out. I have been convinced, and have baby #8 slated for training in January. She will be 22 months at that point. I'll let you know....

I have also been sewing up a storm this summer, and loving every minute of it! I have such a weakness for fabric and I truly enjoy buying a lovely piece & taking it from a flat square to an adorable outfit. So fun! This fun has been compounded by the fact that I've also been able to make some money while doing what I enjoy! Does it get any better? I think not.

One last fun thing that happened in our family this summer was my honey & Son #1's deep sea fishing trip! They had been planning this for several months, and were very excited. They both took along a friend & headed out for nearly 3 days. Unfortunately, Son #1 was very ill, and slept pretty much the whole trip! An expensive nap!!! Between the 2 of them, there was only one "keeper" caught. We managed to make a meal out of it, though. *sigh* :D

Align Center

So, while I will miss my kids, I am ready for our "organized" life to resume. I am a creature of habit. I like things "just so"-no easy task in a family of 10! But I try. I will keep doing the things I enjoy...but maybe not so often. Through the years, my wonderful husband has encouraged me to take time for myself, and, I have told him many times, he spoils me! However, he knows it's what keeps me sane :)....my hobbies, my schedule & my God!
I hope you have had a fun-filled summer, too. With the start of school, that means that cooler weather & fall fun are only about 3 months away (remember we're in Texas...it'll be 90 in October) LOL!


  1. WOW! What a summer of 2010! We have had a pretty busy one too, can't say it's been that busy tho! :)

  2. You forgot to mention your trip to Houston. lol j/k I agree it has been a busy summer. I must say, you have read more books than me this summer too. I just love to sit and read after the children are in bed, it is relaxing to me. I also agree that I'm ready for our "school" schedule to start. That is wonderful that your oldest got her DL....that will be helpful to you as well. :o) Enjoy the rest of your summer.

  3. So proud of HEATHER taking the piano back up!!! And MORGAN! I can't believe she's that big! Time is flying, we are aging, and our kids are growing up!!!! AHAHA
    Is this what those "older" people are always talking about? and now it's happening to us!? lol

  4. Becky, I don't know what you're talking about! I'm not getting old(er)!! My kids are just growing, that's all (that's my story & I'm stickin' to it!!!)