Saturday, August 28, 2010

*We Are All God's Kids*

Things That Made Me Happy This Week:

Putting baby #7 in a "big girl" bed (only one baby bed, now!)

Making an AMAZING chicken alfredo
pizza for dinner!

Dinner with my honey & some wonderful new friends

My honey was able to go to Washington D.C. for a rally!

Noticing the leaves beginning to turn colors,
then seeing 2 fall very slowly to the ground.

Watching #1 do a "happy dance" when her
grades came back GREAT!!

Setting a goal to lose 2 pounds this week,
and losing 2.2!

Lunch with some great friends.

Finding some very inspirational blogs.
Completing these "ghastly"
pj pants for son #1 (yes, those are eyeballs!)

As you can tell, there are so many things I just feel like I am bubbling over! I truly could keep on going....

Well, life here is beginning to pick up some predictability. The kids are finally easing into the normal fall routine. They all do so much better with routine. Meanwhile, back at home...well, I have just the two youngest girls at home (ages 1 & 2) three days out of the week. Sometimes it is almost overwhelming, I must admit. I am not 21 anymore, and I am so used to other eyes, ears, and hands around all the time that I find that I am busier than I have been in a long time! I feel like a not-so-young mom again! This week, I was getting a bit stir-crazy, and I decided to plan an outing to Hobby Lobby. It went really well! I was so efficient...snacks, sippy cups, it all! So, I pushed my luck and stopped by Wal-Mart as well for a few groceries. Again, it went well...until checkout time. By then, I had pushed us all too far. There was some screaming & crying (but I won't name names), but, in the end, I felt very proud of my adventure. I did learn not to overdo it...for anyone. We were able to go out one other day to Target...that was our only stop. It was perfect! heehee It's the little things that bring the most joy.

In the midst of my week, I posted a humorous bit of fact on my FaceBook page. It went something like this,
"I am glad that #8 is the only one who likes to munch on her siblings. However, I am determined that she will not become a cannibal!"

Well, I received several posts from moms who have "been there, done that, got the bite marks to prove it", which was what I expected. Overwhelmingly, their advice was to bite her back...something that I knew, and would do, if I could ever catch her in the act!

However, one young lady (not a mom, yet) was astonished at this method! She questioned me about the rationale behind it. I told her that I didn't blame DOESN'T make sense, but it does work. She was very polite & didn't want to offend those who had more experience, but she didn't agree.

And that's ok.

But, as I folded laundry & pondered over the discussion, my thoughts turned, as they often do when dissecting parenting issues, to our heavenly Father and His methods of training us. When the girl asked, "So you're trying to teach her NOT to do something by doing it to her?", I replied yes. I explained that it was a cause & effect situation. The baby doesn't know that what she is doing is painful, it is just an outlet for her frustration. Therefore, biting her back shows her that, "hey, this is painful!" The idea is that she will begin to associate the two. However, in order to get her to that stage, we have to (literally) stoop to her very basic level. "Talk" to her on her terms, in ways she will understand.

Isn't our God just like that?

Can you even imagine how He must look at us as babies who just don't understand what we are doing to ourselves & others? How He lovingly takes the time to discipline us, to train us, to teach us to grow in Him & His ways. How much more "beneath" Him could we possibly get?

And yet....He does it!

Just like we, as parents, will stoop to a child's level to get them to understand a concept, using language they will understand because they just aren't mature enough to grasp the idea on an adult level. I began to feel such a humility before God.

So small.

That the same God that created the stars and the moon, and such amazing animal life, such intricate plant life...and an unduplicatable human body...would stoop to MY level & "talk" to me. That He cares enough about me to make sure I "get it". Thank you, God...I can never tell You enough!


I probably should end there. I have tons more that I want to tell you, but it's just about me...nothing much. Just ponder the idea that God loves you THAT much...and go enjoy your day!

Love to you all!!


  1. I enjoy reading your post...I never know what its gonna end with...what a great ending today! Love and appreciate your example as a mother. Going to our Father is the best way to get things done right!

  2. Pizza Recipe (none...I made it up!)
    Here's what I did:
    Took refrigerated pizza dough & pressed it into pan. Sprinkled dough with seasonings. Spread light Alfredo sauce on dough. Put desired amount of shredded cheese (about 1 cup or so) on top of sauce. I used the pre-cooked, frozen chicken fajita strips, and cut them up. Added some canadian bacon, fresh baby spinach. Also, I had some leftover pico de gallo & added that, too.
    Bake until your house smells so good, you're ready to climb in the oven & chow down! :)

  3. The Lord is good. The pizza sounds wonderful. Will have to try it some time.