Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Promises, Promises

This may be a figment of my imagination, but the other morning, I had to run up to the school to take one of my girls something they had forgotten. It was a beautiful morning & the sun was shining.
I was praying for our kids & asking God to give them a good day at school & to help them move past the hurts that have slammed them lately.
Then, as I was approaching the church/school, I noticed a rainbow right over them.
It was not raining, nor had it been.
I immediately thought of Noah's promise in the Bible & the rainbow that God set in the sky to signify that He was in control, and He was a loving God.
I had such a peace at that time.
I knew in my heart that God is indeed in control of our lives.
Was the timing coincidental?
Maybe not.
It really doesn't matter, the incident caused me to remember God's love & mercy.

"I love the life I'm living,
I love the peace You're giving,
and I love the truth that's hidden in my heart.
With gratitude I stand to praise You,
not just because I should,
but because You're good, my Lord, because You're good!"

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