Friday, October 8, 2010

Time With a Sister

Man, it has been a long time since I have blogged! The funny thing is that I am constantly writing on here in my head. So much so, that I have sometimes been surprised that it hasn't actually been done :D You guys have missed out on so much of my wit, life, and deep thoughts! ROFL
I had the absolute privilege to go visit my dear "Sister" in Illinois a few weeks ago. We aren't actually sisters, of course, but we both have no doubt that God put us in each other's lives. It is pretty funny how we was in Little Rock, Arkansas at a youth meeting last year...we shoved them to the end of the pew & proceded to worm our way into their lives! I warned them that we had a bunch of kids, and they said, "That's fine". Next thing we knew...they both had kids in their laps! She & her hubby invited us to come see them after Christmas.
BIG mistake!
We did.
(yeah, we're THOSE kind of
Seriously, though, it was a wonderful time of fellowship for both of our families, and a new life-long friendship was forged. So, when the opportunity arose for me to go visit, I worked out the kid-details, asked my hubby if it could be my birthday present, and off I went ('cause he's THAT kind of hubby!).
Our visit was just so.....girly.
After traveling for 12 hours with my sweet friend who is moving to Illinois...I arrived...and we stayed up til 1:30 a.m. talking, and giggling....just like teenagers! In fact, our 16 year old daughters have mentioned numerous times how WIERD it was....we were like...OLD "besties". LOL *for the record...we are NOT old!!!*
Over the next couple of days, we shopped at high-end malls, a craft mall, a health-food store & shopped at low-end Goodwills. All were equally enjoyable!
We ate at fancy tea rooms, high-priced restaurants, as well as Arby's, and sammys on the porch (a personal fave).
We got drowsy on the porch, chillaxed with the laptop, discussed the intricacies of life, death, marriage, relationships, recipes, ideas, God, kids, *a small amount of gossiping*, cooking, shopping, health...well, you get the idea.
I could just say I had a blast, but I don't think that really conveys my thoughts! :)
Oh...and I learned some new skills from my "Sister", too! She taught me how to make bread and homemade cinnamon rolls!!! It was so fun!
And yummy, too. My kiddos have been after me to try it out on them, and I soon as I can afford it at the scale!

Seriously though, this is something I have wanted to learn for years, and I feel like I can mark something off of my new year's resolution list now. Yeast no longer scares me.
Now, I need a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for, of course!
As our visit came to an end, I went with the caravan of cars from their church to meet up with my family in Shepherdsville, KY for camp meeting.
More on that next time.


  1. Sounds like a BLAST!!!!! :D I'm requesting Cinnamon Rolls when I come next month! :D

  2. We had soo much fun! You need to make some cinnamon rolls for your kids...they will love them! I'm making some this week...I think. Talk to ya on Wednesday!

  3. I am thinking your sisters name is Joy and many years ago I stayed in Joys home and she was so kind to us and made a fast friend out of my daughter and I. Jewel nor I have never forgotten her or her kindness.
    I would like the recipe for bread and Cinnamon rolls. I was just telling Tom over the weekend I wish I knew of a good recipe for homemade cinnamon roll.
    You blog was awesome!!! I love to read of your adventures.
    Thank you for sharing. I just love it. :D