Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wonder-FULL Wednesday: Laundry


So, some of you have a few questions...and some of you have TONS!! LOL

I understand, and am glad to answer what I can. Please know this, though , I do not in any way consider myself an expert at much of anything. With that said, I have almost 18 years of trial & error to look back on, & if I can help anyone else, I would be thrilled!

Now, for a little Q & A (as this is a lengthy topic, I will only do this one today--that way there will be something to talk about next week!):

Q: How many loads of laundry do you do & how often?

Some of my best friends!!

A: Ahhhh...laundry......yes, we have our own fabric mountain range around here! I do have a system that works for me, although, it is about to be adjusted somewhat.

What we have done for the past several years is to allot certain days to certain people's/types of clothing. Here's how it looks right now:

Monday: Towels & Linens

This has worked for me because I believe that when you dry off, you are clean, therefore the towel may be re-used for up to a week. We have lot's of wash cloths :D

Yes, a 2 year old can be a great helper!!

Tuesday: Mine & the Hubby's personal stash

We have our own laundry basket in our bathroom, but about 75% of the time, the small kids end up bathing in our bathroom, so about that much of what is in the basket belongs to smallish peeps.

Wednesday: All of the kiddo's clothing

This is the major dawn til dusk laundry day!!! I chose Wednesday for this chore because I rarely ever plan any events for this day because it is our church night. I usually start either jeans or whites before I go to bed on Tuesday, and may even get them in the dryer & start another load. When I get up, straight to the laundry room I go! When the machines beep...I come running! I am at their beck & call on Wednesday!!

BTW: currently, all of the kiddos pre-sort (BAHAHAHAHA!) their own laundry into 3 baskets:




Searching for....who knows what? LOL This was before we decided to stack our machines & make a much-needed broom/supply closet.

I helped them learn by tying ribbon to the basket handles that coordinated with the colors that are supposed to be in it. Now, please, don't mis-read here....I still sort...but the lion's share of the work is pretty much done. I do find socks in with the red t-shirts or someone's dark purple sweater with the skivvies...but, hey...they're learning.


Clothing that has NOT been turned right-side-out!!

I refuse to turn it. I have been known to hang it up with it being 1/2 in & 1/2 out (this only applies to those who know better...myself included :D)

Thursday: Finish up the kid's stuff, iron & put away

If, for some reason, I don't get it all done on Wednesday, then I finish asap. I refuse to iron as we need to wear something, so it is ironed BEFORE it is ever put away. This has proven to be a great frustration preventer! Most of the kiddos put their own stuff away (I try NOT to worry about the condition of the dresser drawers---choose your battles). The littlest ones have "buddies" that put their stuff away for them.

Over the years, I have also taught the older ones to iron their own clothing & have required it to be done on Thursday as well.

Friday: (during the school year) Uniforms are all washed, dried, ironed & put away

The kiddos get out of school at noon on Fridays (I just love that!), and the first thing they are to do is change & drop their uniforms in the washer. Either I or one of the older girls get it going. Usually, by the time naps are over, they are all ready for the next week. hope not.

With the beginning of each new school year comes a new chore/responsibility list (the kids just L.O.V.E that!! lol). I usually make quite a few changes in response to several things:

*Boredom with current jobs

*Mastery of current job (INCLUDING mastering their attitude!)


*Mixing it up a bit

Some changes that will occur this year in the area of laundry is that my oldest two girls will now be responsible for their own laundry. I am restructuring my days & then will give them the choice of the day they want to do their laundry from what remains.

About 8 years ago, my hubby bought me the Whirpool Duet washer & dryer set.




Seriously! I counted the other day & I put 17 pairs of jeans in the washer! Granted they were sized 12, 7, & 6, but that's still a lot of jeans, wouldn't you say? This washer/dryer has saved me countless numbers of hours doing laundry & I would buy it again in a fact, I've pondered owning 2 sets. As the kiddos get bigger, so does their clothing! HA!

Larger sizes = More loads of laundry


Keep the questions coming! This is fun!

You may either post your question(s) in the comments or e-mail me at:

photographer (at) kidshots (dot) net

See ya next week! ;-)

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  1. Oh I've already told Kevin- when we get our place we are getting to sets! I feel like I do laundry ALL the time. I think thought part of it is KB who likes to change clothes fifty million times a day (without me realizing it til it's too late & I'm usually distracted with something else). She puts all her clothes in the dirty bin... then I forget to go check... so... it's a vicious cycle. I intend on working on this with her once we are settled, but... I still want two sets! :)