Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wonder-Full Wednesday: Privacy

Question:  Privacy?


Ya know, when I was first asked about this topic, I had to really think about this word.  I vaguely have a memory of maaaayyybeee knowing what it meant a long time ago. 

So, with the thought of refreshing my memory, I went to & plugged in this mystery word, double-checking my spelling for accuracy.  Here is what popped up:

pri·va·cy: [prahy-vuh-see]

the state of being free from intrusion or disturbance in one's private life or affairs: the right to privacy.

Wow!  What a concept!!!!

" from disturbance"??? 


People get that??

What I want to know is:  WHO????

Oh, probably people who aren't married, have no roommate, and definitely NO KIDS!

While that probably would be enough to answer this question sufficiently, I feel the need to expostulate ( it up).

Ask any person living in the Young home, & you will get pretty much the same answer from all who can understand the question, "No, there isn't any privacy in our home."

Even the bathroom is rarely private, especially if you don't lock the door.  May I insert here, that I truly believe that, if I were to leave the door open every time I entered the bathroom, I would completely be ignored.  It's the mystery of the closed door that draws them!!  Getting ready for church...door closed...5,000 questions yelled through the door, under the door, around the door....

We encourage our children to be modest *snicker*, well as modest as they can be when sharing a room with several sibs.  As the parents, we follow the same principle...we don't run around in our skivvies, & neither do they.

I do get rather frustrated with the "invasion" of my privacy, but I suppose it is a growing process for all of us.

The last phrase of the dictionary definition really caught my attention: "the right to privacy".  Yes, well, maybe as far as the law goes, but not so much in the family. 

I think the reason that we (myself included) get (yeah, that's it) when someone invades OUR privacy is because we feel we have the RIGHT to have privacy.  And, in large part, I agree.  However, several years ago, I heard a missionary speak about God convicting him about having "rights".  He pointed out that our "rights" can become idols in our heart.  We feel we's our right!!   Is there anything wrong with wanting (or even needing) privacy?  Of course not!  Unless losing it causes us to lose our Christian spirit!  The privacies I am speaking of here are not of the bathroom type or the adult conversation type or the *ahem* "behind closed doors" type. 

I am talking about the kind of privacies we hold close to our heart...we guard because they are....well, OURS! 

You know...I may have to stop blogging because I put myself under conviction reading what I'm writing!!! 


I am nearing the bottom of the questions you guys sent me for Wonder-FULL Wednesday postings.  I know you probably have more questions niggling in the back of your mind about us crazy large family, let me know what they are.  You can do that by either leaving a comment here or by sending me an e-mail to : photographer*at*kidshots*dot*net.

Looking forward to hearing from ya!

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