Saturday, August 13, 2011

What to do....

I confess, I needed some quiet time tonight, so I sent the fam to church minus mom...I hope God understands. <Sorry, Sir>

As I sit here in my totally quiet house (with no worries about WHY it is quiet or guilt because it is 1 a.m. & I am STILL up), I hear...the refrigerator humming....the clock ticking....a dog's bark. Some people need alcohol or a massage to relax. Not me. I need good ol' peace & quiet.

When the peeps headed out the door, I immediately began pondering what to do with my QT *quiet time*. Of course, my first thought was to clean up this house!!! Then, I thought,

"Why? I can do THAT when it's noisy!"

.....although, it has absolutely NO staying power whatsoever, so why bother?

Then, I thought of that new school year chore/responsibility list I need to work on. *YAWN* BOOOOOOORINNNNGGGGG!

How about some sewing?
hmmmmm....interesting...maybe so.

First things I sent my family out the door without dinner.


Well, they did eat a late lunch....

Any-who...I was hungry so I went to the fridge.

Hmmm....what's in the takeout container? Ewwww...soggy nachos from 2 days ago (WHY did we even bother???). Better chunk that.

Well, look at those moldy green the chickens.

Those leftovers have been in here more than a the chickens.

Now....look at all these dishes on the counter that I've just emptied out....better put them into the dishwasher.

Oh! These dishes are clean.

Better empty the dishwasher.

Now, re-load.

Messy counters....wipey, wipey, wipey.

Now, what did I come in here for?

Oh, yes, food.

Uh....not much in here. Guess I'll have a Lean Pocket. That sounds good...really, it does!

So, two & a half minutes later, my gourmet-pamper-myself-silly-meal was scorching hot; the tab on my Diet DP was popped, the laptop was warmed up & I was ready to go!!

For the last hour & fifteen minutes, I have....totally wasted time. Oh! Don't get me wrong...I've enjoyed EVERY single, cotton-pickin' minute of it.

But, every now and then....when I'm waiting for the newest page to load up...I look around.

Why are there little men on the floor in the kitchen?

A Lego by the fridge? Really?

A quilt in the hallway (I vaguely remember a fabric fort in the recent past).

The lid to a plastic tote by the front door (ummmm....couldn't even venture a guess).

A Hot Wheel car just pierced the bottom of my foot as I adjusted in my chair.

Ya know, it is becoming more & more difficult to keep my fannie in this chair!

Should I be aggrivated because I cannot allow myself to chillax guilt-free & not worry about the things that drive me nutso?


Should I be proud of myself for being aggrivated about the things that need to be done & I am just sitting here typing away in cyber la-la land?

No worries...I won't toss & turn all night weighing the pros & cons of these two points.

It is what it is.

Maybe that is something I have learned so far in life:

"Relax...the clutter will still be there when you finally get around to it. Have no one will beat you to it!!!"

It's the best of both worlds!!!

I can relax AND still have all the work I could ever dream of!!!!!

Yay me!

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