Wednesday, May 12, 2010


In order to have friends, you must first show yourself friendly!
Sounds easy enough...I mean, who doesn't want friends? We all like to be liked. I am constantly amazed when I sign on to my FaceBook account & see that I have 200+ "friends". I mean...that's a LOT of people! LOL Surprisingly enough...I actually know ALL of them to one degree or another (except maybe Glenn Beck, and I'm thinking Lloyd hacked my FB & asked him to be my friend...). The great thing is: I can think of a whole bunch more that aren't even on FB!
Am I the only goofball that has had the thought: "I wonder if I die how many people would be at my funeral?" I mean, how many people would be there out of genuine love & bereavement (not counting the people who come for the free know who you are!)LOL. Personally, I HATE funerals. I would much rather grieve in private....but I digress....
Friendship is a form of evolution.
In my life, I have had some great friendships that have served many purposes. Of course, there's the fickle ones of childhood that come & go with the stash of popsicles or goodies in your lunchbox that your willing to share (or not). Those are nice stepping stones to learning how to relate to others.
Then there's the ones in the teen years. Those can really be hard. I don't know how boys do it, but girls can be just plain mean (again, you know who you *were*) ;). Right now, I am watching my girls go through this time in their lives. I can so easily remember the hurts caused by others. It breaks my heart for them. But, since I can't punch these kids (or their moms) in the nose...I just have to counsel my girls to "Love 'Em Like Jesus".
After high school, you find yourself in a new category...maybe college, or work...for me, it was marriage. I had to make a whole new set of friends. Since Lloyd is 8 years older than I, my friends tended to be older than me.
Then there were the "new mom" friends. The ones you discuss poop cycles & sleeping habits with.
I find myself thinking about the friends that I've had at each of these stages & loving each one of them for what they've added to my life (both good & bad). I can see where God has removed some friendships from my life in order to bring me closer to Him. On the other hand, I can see just as plainly the ones that He's added TO my life for the same purpose.
I spent some time today with a dear friend. We haven't always been close, but, through the years, we have formed a great relationship. We are honest with each other & are on the same level in many areas. It is good to have someone like that in your life! Friendships are hard work, though! I mean...anyone who doesn't think like me is a real wierdo, right? LOL doesn't work that way. To have a friend, you must first show yourself friendly & "Love 'Em Like Jesus"....warts & all.
I'm glad you're my friend!


  1. GREAT POST! And I thought I was the only one who thought about "who would be at my funeral" LOL- thank goodness I'm not! :) I count you as a true friend! Love you!

  2. And we have been mad at each other too, right?!~That's one of the ways you know you have a good can be mad and TALK it out!lol

    About the funerals;I don't want an open casket(please remember that!:)

  3. Yes, Becky, you are right! Talking is important! If you care, you talk it out. ;)

    I keep that tidbit of info in the back of my mind about your funeral! LOL