Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moments That Made Me Happy Today....

This was just a normal day. Crazy, full of things to do. I had moments of sheer exhaustion, and moments of joy. Moments of chaos & moments of peace.

I went to bed last night not feeling too good, and wasn't any better when I woke up, so I slept a bit later than usual. I really HATE to do that! I like order & LOVE a schedule. I like to know what to expect in my days. However, I know when to relax, too. So, after a quick shower, I joined my little ones at the breakfast table. They were fussy...not a good start to the day! So, I just took a moment to cuddle with them. I took Ella Grace (2 years) into my lap & helped her eat her eggs & just loved & kissed on her.

Anna is cutting some teeth...she is a tad grumpy. Nary a smile in sight. I took a moment to kiss on her & give her some comfort.

I took a moment to sit & drink some coffee & gaze out the window at our gorgeous property.

There are just plain ole too many times when "stuff" gets in the way of life! As much as I love a clean house, an organized day & time for myself...my children won't remember that nearly as much as the time I spend with them.

For the first time in 8 years, my school-aged children went to school outside our home for the entire school year. Believe it or not, I have missed them! I am looking forward to them being home in the summer. Don't get me wrong, I have thoroughly enjoyed having the time with my little ones, as well as the burden of homeschooling off my shoulders. There is every possibility that we'll go that route again someday, but for now, this works. Back to the kids: I miss our daily interraction. Our conversations, laughs & pokes. I love them!

Have you taken the time to just enjoy your family? Have you put your plans, wants & responsibilities on the back burner & just sat down & relaxed with them? Have you sent the kids outside & had a one-on-one conversation with your husband? Where is your focus?

Now....get off here & go hug someone important to you!!! :) Then, come back later & post a comment about it!!


  1. Well, how appropriate for me this morning! Katie Beth woke up at 6:30 this morning... which is normally my time (& Kevin's if he's home) to just sit and enjoy the calmness before their little feet hit the floor 90 to nothing! I sent her back to bed a couple of times- then just decided you know what I'm going to just SIT here and enjoy a conversation with my 3 year old- which we did for about 20 or so minutes before Ethan woke up... early for him too... mornings are the best time around here! So I just took some time to enjoy it! I get so caught up in what "needs to be done" I forget sometimes what "NEEDS TO BE DONE"! Then I get on here and read this! :) Thank you!

  2. YES, just what we talked about today!
    too funny!
    love ya and hope you have fun passing on all your wisdom!lol