Monday, May 24, 2010

Making Memories...

Don't you just love making memories?

We just returned from a weekend in Galveston. We have some wonderfully generous friends who own a fabulous beach house right on the beach. They have let us use it a few times & it is one of our favorite places to go & chillax. Granted, there are probably prettier beaches in the world, but this one is close, and...pretty inexpensive!

You know, making memories isn't even about spending money or finding the most fabulous location to vacation. It is about spending time with each other. Doing things that make each person happy. Doing things out of the ordinary. For instance, when I was picking some things up at the store for our meals, I was thinking all healthy (like a good Weight Watcher), but my kids spotted the waffle ice cream cones. Being a good mom, I put away the healthy snacks, & indulged in ice cream cone fixins. I do not usually purchase these things, but, hey, it was vacation, right? ;)
I also don't like the beach. Oh, don't get me wrong...I really enjoy sitting on the balcony of the condo with my feet propped up feeling the breeze (read: gale-force wind) in my hair & listening to the waves crash on the shore. But, that is as far as my true enjoyment goes. If I'm getting wet, I want to see what's on the bottom of wherever I'm standing! So, we go to the beach. I walk in the sand (mud) & oooh & ahh over the treasures they find ("no honey, that's not a new kind of fish, that is a piece of rubber..."), take lots of pictures & just enjoy watching them experience life.
There are at least 2 kinds of vacations (at least in my family).
1. Relaxing
2. Not Relaxing
Disney World, the beach, day trips, staycations, girls' trips, retreats...these fall into the "Relaxing" category. They are usually low-pressure, no real work involved...only fun. Granted, Mickey's land can sometimes be hectic, but that is really up to you...
Camping, church trips, whirlwind trips, most holidays out of town...these fall into the "Not Relaxing" category. These types of trips require minute planning, lots of stressful days with little sleep...I really try to avoid these kinds :)
I am not sure why I put that last little blurb in there, but I just thought it up & put it down...this IS my blog, after all! :)
So, what I really wanted to say is this, we had a great time on our "Relaxing" trip. We were able to have dinner with some great friends, take some family photos, swim, indulge in seafood, shop, explore, kick back & just enjoy each other.
Ahhh...Have I mentioned lately that I love my life?
I do.


  1. couldn't have said it better myself! :)

  2. Jealous for myself....HAPPY for you and your family :)