Friday, May 28, 2010

Educational Milestones....

Well, today was OFFICIALLY the last day of school! WHOOPEEEEE!!! It is hard to tell who is more excited, me or the kids. :)

I have to say that, after 8 years of homeschooling, I truly enjoyed this year of not being the one with the education load. On the other hand, I also freely admit to missing my kids terribly! I really enjoy spending time with my children. Yes, they do aggrivate the snot out of me (quite often), but we also have pleasant talks, sharing of ideas, and fun together. I have really great people as my children.

As of today, my children are now one year further down the educational road. Morgan is *gasp* a JUNIOR in high school & well on the road to graduation. She is doing a great job! She is also working her first paying job for someone else & enjoying it. Surprise, surprise, it is a babysitting job, but her employer is very happy with her :) *mom beams with pride*. And, let's only briefly mention the whole driver's permit thing. *sigh* It is inevitable, & will probably even be a blessing long-term, but....I'm just so....not ready.

Heather has been tossed into the high school "FISHbowl" as a freshman. She has been looking over her graduation options, and has finally chosen the road that will earn her an "Honors" sash when she wears her cap 'n gown. She isn't one to back down from a healthy challenge. Her rationale: "Everyone else in my class is doing it, and I'm just as smart as they are!" That's right, baby, you definitely are. She is also trying to get a volunteer position at a local dog groomer. She'll do great. Oh, and then there's the piano lessons she will be taking this summer. *WHEW*

Sam is now a 5th grader. He made primarily 100's on all of his work last year (I would say he's a genius, but the jury is still out). He IS very bright & sucks up information like a straw. Trust me, there's NOTHING he doesn't know....just ask him! LOL He is looking forward to a fun summer of swimming, fishing, and being as annoying as a 10 year old boy can be.

Lindsey graduated Wednesday night! Can you believe it??? Our little Lindsey-Lou is now a 1st grader. She was just so stinkin' cute it made me suffer enormous bouts of parental pride. She was one of only 2 girls in her class...and I can see some adjustments are going to need to be made this summer...'nuff said 'bout that! The first thing she did after attaining her new "bigger" status: stay up 'til 10 p.m.! WHOA....

These are our 4 school-aged children from this past year. The upcoming school year will see part of the second half of our children moving up in the learning world. Barrett will officially be school-age. I may end up homeschooling him, and, if I do, I will just bite the bullet & do Adam at the same time. They will be 5 & 6 around that just makes sense, doncha think???

As for the babies of the family...well, they will most likely be hitting milestones of their own. In fact, Anna just accomplished the task of learning how to walk! In Ella's words, "Go baby, go baby, go baby...!" I should be thinking of potty training, but I would rather think about....ummm pretty much ANY thing else!

Thanks for indulging me in a time of prideful parental prose. :)

Have a great Holiday weekend....


  1. I truly enjoyed this post! I am so proud for you! LOL (I just wanted to see if I could comment on my own blog). I'd better go to bed now before I humiliate myself! LOL

  2. LOL! :) You are so funny! ANNA WALKING send her here to teach her little friend! :)