Saturday, June 26, 2010


There are so many things on my mind that I really don't know where to begin. So, I thought, for today, I would attach something my #1 daughter wrote. I must say, when I first read it, I thought..."This is amazingly good!"

When I read it again, I thought..."Thank you Lord for talking to her!"

My hero & I both feel that God has something special in store for #1...a work for her to do. It is our distinct privilege to be able to have ringside seats as we watch her life unfold! Here it is:

LORD!! Lord, my heart is burning. My tears are flowing and Im just... Sitting here. The burning is a desire... A want... A need to be more than I am. And Im just... Sitting here Lord, there is children... Dying... From either lack of food in countries like Africa and Haiti. Or from lack of love... Sitting in a shelter... one of many. No home.. No family.. No love. And Im just sitting here. There are teenagers my age stealing and doing the unthinkable! LORD!! They need you! And I have you. I feel useless. They are not happy. No. They are not. Oh Lord! Im just sitting here! Help me Lord! I have many abilities! I can love a child with no hope or love. I can share You with teens who want what they dont realize they dont have. God, Lord, I have food, more than some children in foreign countries have ever imagined exsisted. Lord, I want to help the suffering children in hospitals... Lord, they need your LOVE! And I.. I am just... Sitting here. What can I do Lord!m just a teen! But lord I want your will! Tell me Lord! Direct me! I want to help and yet I CANT!! LORD SHOW ME! I AM JUST SITTING HERE! Move me God. Lord theres so many stories of people who sacrificed their life for you! Amy Carmichael.. Went to India... The unknown and risked her life for... YOU! Missionary work. Lord theses people need you and Im willing! Show me! Stephen in the bible... He was SEVENTEEN!!! And he stood up for you lord!! I want to have that courage... That ability! To know whats right and whats wrong and to suffer for you Lord!! God, these great people, I want to be one for you. Lord Im just sitting here! Please use me! I feel so useless. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Are you using your talents for God? Are you shining your light for Him? You are here on this earth for a purpose DONT MISS YOUR CALLING!! People! We are in an age now where God is going to work mightier than he did in the days of Jesus! Miracles are going to happen... Greater things than you have imagined are going to arise! The blind WILL see again and the Deaf WILL hear again and the lame and sick WILL be healed!! Are you ready? Am I ready?ask yourself!! NOW is the time! Young people! This is from my heart! Seek God NOW because you wont have time when he is choosing his Church!! WE ARE THE CHURCH OF TOMORROW!!! And the years to come!! If we are not strong... If we are not consistent... If we fiddle and poke around we are going to MISS it!!! Spread it! Have no shame for the Lord God Almighty is our leader and we will not fail! We will not stop! We are in Gods army and we are dedicated! We are going to march into that world and we ARE going to share the Gospel! Because that is what our COMMANDER, JESUS CHRIST has plainly told us to do! Lets follow the orders!! Why are we sitting here?! Why?!?! Because we are afraid. Yes. We are. But who will fail with Jesus on our side?! Nobody! Our emotions will get hurt.. Our feelings and our personal lives! But those are not of God! We! Must! Move! On! Carry this message people!!! Dont stop! There are people! Teens, adults, children! Dying everyday in car wrecks and other disasters! And they die without knowing the truths that we have been taught. Lets move. Gods spirit is pouring out in our youths today. Lets use it. We have a great work ahead of us. And It is our job... To see that its done.

June 22 2010

This is my heart, not my words.

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