Monday, June 7, 2010

Staycation: Day 2

Things That Made Me Happy Today.....
1. Squeezy hugs from my chubby 1 year old
2. Listening to #'s 4,5, & 6 squeal with unbridled joy as they bungee jumped at the mall (totally made the highway robbery prices worth it!)
3. Making homemade pizzas with my kiddos & STILL staying on WW!
4. Air Conditioning
5. Knowing that my teen-aged daughters are at a church meeting & there is NO WHERE else on earth they'd rather be!

I have seen this little exercise on a nother blog that I enjoy looking at (, and I think it is a very uplifting thing to do. In truth, I had many aggrivating moments today, too, but, when I look back & pull out only the bright spots, I find that THEY outshine the duller moments.

This was day 2 of our "staycation". I have promised the kids that stayed home with me that we would do something fun every day. Today, it was a trip to the mall for bungee jumping. they were so excited they couldn't stand it. The little guys had done it before, but L hadn't ever been dressed appropriately for that activity. Today, she donned her capris & off we went! Let me say, those people are making a KILLING! They charge $7 for THREE minutes!!!!! I mean, really! There were absolutely NO other kids waiting! But, I paid it, snapped the pictures with the album in mind & reveled in their laughter. It almost made me want to do it, too, but.....I wasn't dressed appropriately :p LOL

After a much-needed nap (which I TOTALLY enjoyed), we made homemade pizzas. Here's what we did:

Take whole-wheat pitas, brush lightly with olive oil (I also seasoned my pita at this point with some Tuscan seasoning-yum). Put about 1/4 cup of pizza sauce on pita, and then sprinkle with desired amount of mozzerella cheese (if you're on WW, be careful here). Then add your favorite toppings (be careful here, too!) My pizza had: Minced Garlic, Baby Spinach, Fresh Tomatoes, Red Onion, Bell Peppers, and about 1 piece of Canadian Bacon. We baked @ 375 for about 15 minutes & ate our fabulous creations with a salad. *SIGH* So good....

To be continued.....

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  1. Wow! That pizza sounds yummy! Got any leftovers? Nope...I ate it all... ROFL