Tuesday, June 22, 2010

*Things That Made Me Happy Today*

Chocolate covered mini-marshmallows-a simple indulgence!
#3 saying that working makes him happier than being lazy! (Progress!)
Relief from a terrible headache
My chiropractor (see above!)

Thoughts for Today

I cannot really say that I have any earth-shattering things to pour out to my unseen audience today, but I haven't been on here in a few days, so I felt like messing with my blog :).

I am working on expanding my humble blog to include several pages that reflect some the activities in my life.

Most people are surprised to learn that I actually have "spare" time...whatever that is! Truly, I have always just "made" time for the things I enjoy doing. What I enjoy has varied through the years. I took sewing lessons shortly after I was married, and have had a love/hate relationship with it ever since then. However, the more I have sewn through the years, the more I have learned, and, therefore, the more enjoyable it has become. I am currently sewing up a storm making all sorts of cute dresses & outfits for my girls as well as for other people. It is fun to me to mix & match fabrics, and then to whip it up into a frothy, girly creation! I will be making a page to show off some of these as well as to bring in some business!

These 2 dresses I made for #'s 7&8 to show their patriotic spirit!

The next page I want to add is one for my photography. I have been a photographer for 10+ years & really enjoy the creative outlet it affords me. It also helps fund some of my other habits :). As a stay-at-home mom, I am always looking for ways to bring in a little extra cash to either help with a special need such as a vacation or Christmas or maybe just to have a some pocket money for myself. The Lord has always been faithful to bring me a customer just when I need it! Because He is so good to bless me, I try, whenever possible, to use my business to bless others. My goal has always been to provide good-quality portraits at a budget-friendly price, mainly because that is what I need!

The final page I am planning to add (for now) is also related to my photography. I have been accepted by a non-profit organization that provides portraits for families that have children suffering with serious illnesses. I will be using this page to showcase the work that I will be doing for these families as well as provide any updates on things you can do to help brighten these children's lives. Inspiration Through Art also has several other ways that they show support to these young heroes that fight for their lives every day. Log on today to see what you can do: http://www.inspirationthroughart.org/

Ok, that's all for tonight. Watch for changes. I'm staying up late working on it...and dragging through my days :) LOL

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