Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Staycation: Day 3 & Thoughts on Serving God...

Things that made me happy today:

1. Watching the baby squeeze her bunny & falling asleep
2. Finally getting the custom-made cabinet I ordered a month ago.
3. Goofing around with my kiddos @ Jack in the Box
4. A pleasant evening with my mom.
5. A photo of my oldest son working @ the camp meeting
6. Hearing how #7 is winning hearts in Kentucky.
7. Rain

Today was a good day!
I was somewhat excited because I had ordered a cabinet for my dining room while I was in Canton last month, and today was delivery day. It looks great in the space I had intended it. Now....what to accessorize it with....hmmmm.....
Our "fun thing" today was a trip to the Discovery Science Place. The kids always enjoy going there & playing with all the cool educational stuff. I enjoy the time reading! :) Afterwards, we went to Jack in the Box & took pictures of ourselves eating lunch.
I have on my heart a friend who is fighting for her life. She has been such an inspiration to so many people, myself included. Cancer has been eating away at her body, but her soul has been growing & growing, and, in the process, has become a light for God in a dark world. As always, my prayer is for God's will, but, what a blessing it would be for her to stand up & walk away from this! How the Halleluias would ring! What a day that would be!
But, what if that doesn't happen?
Will we still praise Him?
Will we still see His hand at work?
Her life has touched & IS touching many people for the Lord. Isn't that what our lives are supposed to be like? Aren't we trying to live for Jesus no matter what?
I have been so very convicted by my own selfishness when I think of her dedication to God during her illness. I have whined about going to church with 8 kids. She comes right after a chemo treatment. I have cried about nothing to wear. She has had no hair! I have complained about how hard it is to go to a meeting with my kids, & she shows up AND works to serve God's people because she wants to be a part! What an ungrateful wretch I am!
I see that she has let God use her life, her illness even, to talk to the hearts of many. She has & is living her life for Him to the fullest.
I once heard someone talking about meeting up with the saints of old at the Pearly Gates & discussing our departures from this world. It went something like this:
Me: Sir, how were you brought here?
Man: I was stoned by an angry mob for living for Jesus.
Me: How about you, sir?
Man: I was beheaded for preaching the Bible.
Me: Ma'am, how did you come here?
Lady: I was tortured for refusing to recant my Lord. How about you? How did you come?
Me: In a pillow-topped bed, while being comforted by my loved ones......
Kinda sounds shameful, huh?
My life scripture verse is Phillipians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." ....and I can, but WILL I?


  1. Wow great post! Thanks for making me think a little deeper...

  2. Enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing and helping me think a little more.